Bump in the Night


Helping build a bridge between the witchy and paranormal worlds - we offer a Two Realms Workshop & Class on Spiritual Protection while ghost hunting, from a witchy point of view!

We love working with various crews in the area and also have several members who are seasoned and experienced investigations.

Local ParaNormal Crews & Services -

If you have a local crew and would like to be part of our Bump in the Night community - send us a message!

The ghost of the past will speak to those who are willing to listen - Unknown



Sacramento Paranormal Intuitive 

Research Investigation Team

We are a team of gifted dedicated paranormal researchers ready to help! We investigate, document, validate, debunk, and attempt to offer peace of mind! 


Our team of investigators, consultants, experts and gifted individuals is ready to help! Hauntings, paranormal activities, odd bumps in the night? We are here to get answers, document evidence and provide that peace of mind you may need! Cleansings are offered on a case by case basis – we do provide information and empowerment for clients to be able to reclaim/cleanse their space on their own after we are gone as well.

See our website to contact us for an investigation!