“This is not your Grandma’s 

sewing circle folks!”

EFFECTIVE June 28, 2019

The NorCalBHS now has an online community! 

Our COMMUNITY CAULDRON is a safe, welcoming, and supportive online society to celebrate all things Pagan, Witch, Healer, or Heathen, whether you are brand new or seasoned on your path! We work closely with our friends in the Paranormal world and invite them to join our community as well.  We accept all members who can behave in a respectful manner, be kind to one another, and believe in our mission statement. This is not a religious group, however we welcome all those who follow an earth based spiritual path as well as all faiths. 

It is the Mission Statement of the NorCalBHS Community Cauldron to preserve the honor and dignity of being a witch, healer, or Heathen and one of the ways we do that is by education, sharing, learning and growing together! We are creating the next generation of ancestors and we welcome you to join us.