The NorCalBHS now has an online community! 



The COMMUNITY CAULDRON is a safe, welcoming, and supportive online community to celebrate all things Pagan, Witch, Healer or Heathen,

 whether you are brand new or seasoned on your path! 

We accept all members, ages 18+, who can behave in a respectful manner, be kind to one another, and believe in our mission statement. This is not a religious group; however, we welcome all those who follow an earth based

 spiritual path. We have guidelines associated with our online community and all members are required to read and agree in order to be a member.

The mission statement of the COMMUNITY CAULDRON is to create an online community, welcoming members from around the world,  where we can all support each other and interact with like-minded folks. One of the ways we do that is by education, sharing, learning and growing together! 

For the COMMUNITY CAULDRON members who live in the Sacramento area, 

we offer in-person classes, Monthly Moots, Pagan Holiday celebrations, 

events and Witch’s High Teas. 

There are no membership fees for the Community Cauldron . 

PLEASE NOTE - The COMMUNITY CAULDRON is an online community overseen by the Northern California Black Hat Society (NorCalBHS). Being a member of our online community does not qualify you as a member of the Northern California Black Hat Society.  The NorCalBHS is a private organization and consists of 13 original members who serve as High Council and work together collectively, not under one individual leader, and several current probationary members/initiates.  Membership to the NorCalBHS is private and by application and acceptance process only. We do not accept more than 4 new members per year. There are no membership fees and we offer mentorship programs and classes at no charge to all members.

The NorCalBHS hosts several events throughout the year, such as the Full Moon Festivals, Samhain, and our annual Yule Gathering and Viking Feast. We are not a non-profit.  We pay the bills that are required to run and organize our events and proceeds then go to our charity (see info below). 

We have several community outreach programs that we participate in and we also have a group of members that provide house blessings and clearings, 

at no charge to our community. 

We encourage members of the COMMUNITY CAULDRON to get involved 

and be part of our events. 

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us through the main NorCalBHS FB page, via private messenger, or email 

(see contact form on the home page).


Our preferred charity for 2020 is the SILVER PAW RANCH !

The Silver Paw Ranch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research, therapy, and placement of K-9 battle buddies as an alternative to medication for wounded veterans with PTSD and other medical needs.Please visit their facebook page at or       

Located in San Andreas, CA